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iZoft is where we gather our playground/demo projects to make it easier to find it and use it. As always feel free to use it if you like.


Why download an app just to help you find your car (or anything else) when your travelling unfamiliar places? Why not just use a webbased app to mark a specific location and you can always find your way back afterwards.
Open FindMyCar


A project focused on gathering all soccer match statistics in one place
Build with React v17 & MySQL
Open fodboldstatistik.com


Web-based Badminton scorecounter for your smartphone
Open ScoreCounter


Convert between values in distance, speed, weight, temperature, area and color
Build with Angular v7
Open Converter

Workouttimer (in progress...)

A simple interval focused workout timer that makes it easy to create and use workouts.
Build with React v17
Open WorkOutTimer